Before training in architecture and design I worked for ten years as a documentary film-maker at BBC Television in London. I directed dozens of films dealing with a wide range of subjects - from the Holocaust to the Polish Resistance to French Gastronomy and the celebrated Design Classics series. Now deeply embedded in architecture and design, I continue to use my film-making skills directly in short films like the samples below or indirectly in exhibition and narrative design where the core tools of visual story-telling, lighting and editing are vitally important tools.

The Red House

Looking through the eyes of children and staff, this film captures both the philosophy and the everyday life of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts where making is the route to all learning, whether maths or science, geography or food, Shakespeare or boat-building. // Producer/Director


Mending the Factory

A compelling story about the last surviving ceramics factory in Stoke-on-Trent where the regeneration of a building leads to the regeneration of an entire community and hope for a new way of life. // Executive Producer


A Second Life: A Brief History of Southbank Centre

A brief history of Southbank Centre and an exploration of how a building can shed its old skin in order to form a new one more suited to contemporary needs. //Producer/Director


Old School, New School, Art School

The British Art School has a long and venerable pedigree. But how do you go about reinventing one founded in the 19th century to provide graduates ready to work in the Manchester Textile industry when that industry barely exists today? //Producer/Director


A New Landscape for Learning

The landscape of higher education has changed beyond recognition. This film explores how design plays a role in enabling shared learning experiences and student exchange at Manchester Met's highly successful Business School. // Producer/Director