Clare Hughes: A Short Story

I’ve been lucky to forge my practice from an unusual mix of materials: an early passion for theatre, a strong sensibility to space and aesthetics, and 10 years as a documentary director at BBC in London.

For the last fifteen years I was a partner with architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios in London, where I collaborated with designers, senior leadership and external consultants on a wide range of museum, cultural and arts projects.

My particular skills are visual, verbal, haptic and scenographic but there’s also something in the alchemy of collaboration that produces results whose precise source is hard to locate.

Now enjoying a brief adventure in New York City I am creating and directing content for exhibitions across the USA and internationally. As Creative Director of Thinc Design I am leading a wide range of projects with experience and narrative design at their heart.

Clare Hughes copyright John Dawson



Recent project highlights include

A short film about London's Southbank Centre and the challenges of giving a second life to a landmark building.

Art school or Art Gallery? Transformation at the historic Manchester School of Art draws creative disciplines together under one roof with extraordinary results.

Curious & Curiouser: An interactive exhibition exploring the scale of London through exterior and interior installations, games and journeys.