Clare Hughes: A Short Story

How I came to be a partner with architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is a long story. It includes 10 years of documentary film-making at the BBC and a similar time reinventing old buildings and curating exhibitions. Throughout it all I've nursed an enduring passion for stories, scenography and materials.

I like to think of my job as weaving scenes and stories through space : let's call it narrative design. With 20 years of making films and curating exhibitions I'm also a director and curator who likes to make unusual things happen and to enable others to give of their best in the world.

My interest in museums grew from these obsessions and this year I've been awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to explore how I might bring these elements of story, film, theatre and materials together in space. You can read a brief summary of my research here.

The Churchill Fellowship gives me the chance to travel widely in search of answers but it will undoubtedly raise more questions along the way. I'll be posting thoughts here along the way and at the end of the Fellowship year will create/curate some answers through a form yet to be imagined. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts to share please get in touch. And if you're interested in where I've come from please scroll down for a glimpse of some recent projects.  

A short film about London's Southbank Centre and the challenges of giving a second life to a landmark building.

Art school or Art Gallery? Transformation at the historic Manchester School of Art draws creative disciplines together under one roof with extraordinary results.

Curious & Curiouser: An interactive exhibition exploring the scale of London through exterior and interior installations, games and journeys.